His Majesty the King's New Year Speech
December 31st, 1996.

     Celebrations of the golden jubilee, Thailand's first Olympic gold medal and state visits by Queen Elizabeth of Britain and President Bill Clinton of the United States were examples of how people worked to bring honour and dignity to the country, His Majesty said.
      He urged people to continue to seek understand one another, both in good an bad times, and to join together in solving problems with reason, based on technological cooperation and with sincerity to enhance national progress.
      In the New Year,the people should be determined to maintain unity and to help strengthen national stability. They should think of benefits for the entire nation in whatever they do and be careful in their work.
      His Majesty also thanked people for helping arrange activities to celebrate the golden jubilee for two consecutiv yaers, the results of which have been of great benefit to the entire community.
      His Majesty wished the people good health, happiness and success.

From the Bangkok Post, January 1, 1997.
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